August is often a warm month, which calls for extra attention to the care of your garden. Watering is the most important thing in August. Also don’t forget to fill the saucer of water for the birds and hedgehogs in your garden!

If you go on holiday, ask neighbours or relatives to water your plants. In the vegetable garden, make sure that as much as possible has been harvested before you leave. If necessary, you can install an automatic watering system to water your plants.

Flowers and borders
Plant autumn bulbs. Amaryllis also do well in your garden, not just indoors. Alstroemerias are also recommended. Autumn bulbs give your garden exotic flowers. The Kliplelie (Nerine bowdenii) is from South Africa and it needs a dry, sunny location. Sandy soil is fine, they don’t like too much manure. Especially in tubs in the shelter of a southwest wall. Autumn thistle (Colchicum), which is similar to the crocus, also blooms in September.