You had so much planned to really start your own vegetable garden this spring, but by now it is already summer. Yet it is not too late to start a vegetable garden. Get started today!

Maybe you see beautiful vegetable gardens around you and think it’s too late to start. But even at the beginning of summer, you can start a vegetable garden as a beginner. And it’s quicker too. With these tips, you will definitely succeed.

Tip 1: Go for exclusive
Growing spinach or green beans is still possible in summer. Growth is very fast now. However, a lot can go wrong with this crop and if you look in the supermarket, these vegetables are cheap and plentiful.

Go for surprising vegetables that you won’t find in the shop. Raddiccio or red lettuce, for example. If you grow the Red of Verona variety, after winter you will have a nice red head of lettuce, which is especially tasty stewed in olive oil. Dill and palm cabbage are also good examples of special herbs and vegetables, which are limited in availability and easy to grow from summer onwards. The gooseberry is a delicious and beautiful berry and is exclusive.