Even if you don’t have a garden, it’s cool to give your green thumb some space. An arrangement of blue plants on your balcony is easy to make yourself. A beautiful arrangement attracts attention and inspires. With these tips, you are sure to create something beautiful.

Blue is the colour of serenity and meditation. It is soothing and cheerful. Good reasons to choose this colour. Blue combines beautifully with white flowers, just let blue dominate.

Agapanthus or African lily
Choosing your pots
If you make an arrangement of blue plants, it will definitely attract attention. This calls for pots with a calm look. For example, in terracotta colour, grey or white. Opt for one colour for all your pots. At least a limited number of colours and shapes.

Building up your arrangement
You can build an arrangement out of several pots with one plant per pot. Repetition gives peace in the composition, so put the same plant in the same pot twice. The other pots can then vary in size and plant species, without making the picture too restless.

Create variation in height by placing some plants on a planting table or in a planter on legs. You can also fill several large plant pots with an arrangement of several plants. A kind of ‘flower arrangement’ with perennials.