If you have been to Provence in the summer, you will undoubtedly have seen the beautiful purple fields. In fact, this is not the same kind of lavender that blooms in our garden, but lavandin. This plant is very similar to the lavender. Lavender oil is known to almost everyone from aromatherapy.

In fact, this application has only been known since 1930, when it was accidentally discovered by a perfumer that this oil has several good properties. The plant itself has a much longer history there. The name comes from Latin and is derived from washing. The Romans used lavender in their bath because of its fresh and sweet scent.

Lavender in the garden
There are many varieties of lavender and most of them feel at home in our gardens. In general, the plants do not grow higher than about half a meter. You can put lavender in the ground as a ground cover, but it is also possible in a pot on the terrace or balcony. The popularity of the plant has to do with the wonderful scent it spreads, but also the bright color. In addition, the plant attracts a lot of visitors by butterflies. The lavender has a long flowering time that starts in June. In good conditions, the flowering period will continue throughout the summer and you can also enjoy the beautiful flowers in July and August. Furthermore, the lavender is hardy and remains (semi) green during the winter months. So you can enjoy this plant all year round.